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the flower

Meet the flower wagon, my mobile flower shop! She is an old 70s camper my dad and I renovated to be a floral workspace. We spent an entire year gutting, building, painting, and listening to the Miley Cyrus Younger Now album. The flower wagon allows me to travel all over Utah selling fresh blooms, like a food truck but for flowers!

oh look,
it's me...

I am a twenty something college graduate who wants nothing more than to make pretty things. I am overly obsessed with my husband of five years, and the two of us are parents to our mini goldendoodle. I love the beach, chocolate, and writing. I am extremely talented at arranging flowers and extremely terrible at keeping potted plants alive. I am a hype woman and feel it is one of my responsibilities in life to build up the women around me. Sis, you are doing better than you think you are. 


what it's all

My mission in life and business is to bring beauty to every moment. en train de bloom means in the process of bloom, or put simply "blooming". When I was young, my goal was to be happy. As I got older and began to experience the heartache of real life, I started to realize that constant happiness was an unrealistic and unhealthy goal. Today, I live a full, messy, wonderful life with my husband, my puppy, and my old friend, Depression. The four of us have learned how to beautifully move and live around one another. 

and life

I think plants are an incredible metaphor for life, because they are living organisms just like us. However, we do not place morals or expectations on them like we do with humans. In the middle of winter, when a tree's limbs are cold and bare, we do not say "what an unsuccessful tree." Instead, we understand that winter is not the time for trees to be sprouting new leaves. When spring comes and flowers start blooming, it is not because a gardener walks up to the bud and says "okay little posie, today is the day". Instead, that flower waits until the conditions are just right for it to thrive. 


the grace
of flowers

I think we can learn so much from the beauty and grace of flowers. We are all in the process of blooming. That can look like anything from bare limbs to limp petals. We are not living life wrong. We are not behind, or inadequate. We are just flowers that need light and water and soil to grow. We have cycles of growth and sometimes we wilt. I think everyone should have a vase of flowers on their nightstand to remind them of that. 

beauty in
every moment

Flowers are not just about happy moments, because life is not just about happy moments. I deliver flowers to hospitals for newborn babies and sick grandmothers. I make grand arrangements for weddings and funerals. There is beauty in moments of sorrow. Just like flowers, we need rain to grow. 

I love being able to bring some of this beauty to the intimate moments of people's lives. I love helping others see that we are all in the process of bloom. I hope that flowers can teach us all to give ourselves a little more love, a little more grace, and even some pride in our own steady growth. 

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